Master Control Unit

Regional train
Master Control Unit

The pictured master controller is used as a instruction element in railway vehicles. It can be divided into three main components.

1. Master / Brake controller
Setpoint setting in the driving Power- /Brakearea with integrated deadman function by pushing down of the grab handle.

2. Selector switch
Choise of the operating condition “R” / “O”/  “*” / “V” /  “N”

3. Key switch 
Approval of the master controller. Operating states: setting “0” and “1”

General, technical data:
Measurement                                           according to scale drawing M4043
Mechanical life                                         10 Mio. Switching operations
Weight                                                      approx. 9,5 kg
Storage temperature                                 -30°C to + 70°C
Operation temperature                              -25°C to + 70 °C
Degree of protection (front)                       IP40
Degree of protection (in housing)              IP00